Our Success People

  • Angela B.

    Originally from Korea, Angela came to Houston to attend University. She has since discovered an interest in Business and is happy to call Houston home.


  • Scarlett

    Scarlett is currently attending school to study business. She loves to dance and choreograph and aspires to one day own her own studio.


  • Gaby

    Gaby is currently a student working on her associates in science. On her free time she enjoys spending time with family and helping animals.


  • Wayne

    Wayne specializes in acupressure and is very experienced in helping clients relieve shoulder and back pain. He is great for Hot Stone massage.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2012

  • Amy

    Amy was a doctor in China practicing internal medicine. She now provides relaxing massages, catering to her customers needs from soft to firm techniques.

    Massage Therapist
    since 2011

  • William

    William is known for his incredible strength and technique for working out deep muscle issues. He is ideal for deep tissue massages.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2011

  • Wendy

    Wendy is known to be very cheerful. Her technique is great for working out knots in sore muscles. Her pressure ranges from medium to firm pressure.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2013

  • Helen

    Helen is caring and mindful of her customers needs. She is great for relaxing and therapeutic massages with her range of soft to firm pressure.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2011

  • Jenny

    Jenny excels in communication and is intuitive when it comes to bodywork. She is great with relaxing and deep tissue massages.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2010

  • Coco

    Coco is a very caring therapist. She is perfect for rejuvenating massages and very versatile with her pressure ranging from soft to firm.

    Massage Therapist
    Since 2011