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Heavenly foot and body massages for your family

Conveniently located in the Houston Medical Center, Cloud 9 is proud to have served the Houston Medical Staff and surrounding Families since 2014. We make it easy for you to treat you and your loved ones with our affordable, guilt-free, and family friendly service.

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What Our Clients Say

much more authentic and real than membership spas

Cloud 9 — is a great place to get a massage. The massage therapists are very skilled and good at what they do. The prices are extremely reasonable. I have had memberships at the trendier places like Message Envy, etc… but Cloud 9 is much more authentic and real. The therapists clearly have a ton of experience and do a great job. I cannot speak more highly of the place and that’s why I keep coming back!

regular self-care massages without breaking the bank

Cloud 9 literally put me on cloud 9 with their massage services, it is a nice, clean, and quiet place to relax. I’ve been coming here since they have opened, and the packaged gift cards is a great way to make sure I can get regular self-care massages without breaking the bank… I usually circle my problem areas on the little dry erase board at the check in desk, and he will pay special attention to those problem areas.I work full time and also attending grad school, ta-da, STRESS!! But thanks to Cloud 9 I get to restore my sanity on a regular basis.

I came during the beginning of mercury poisoning

Unbelievably good, excellent pricing, money saving packages. A few years ago, I came during the beginning of mercury poisoning, and with little hope, (my service dog, Rosie lost her battle) they helped with proper massage, along with other detox methods I used. They still help with the after effects. Better than any day spa I’ve been too. Jack and Annie have been instrumental in my healing, along with others. Customer service is great, (which means an engaging manager)

a prenatal Swedish massage … SO pleased with my experience!

I went in for a prenatal Swedish massage today and am SO pleased with my experience! Prior to walking in I was so sore and tense, but walking out I feel absolutely amazing. Dave was my masseuse and did wonderful. Perfect amount of pressure, just enough communication (but didn’t try chatting which takes away from the relaxation, in my opinion), & nice relaxing rooms. I’ve already recommended this location to a few folks and definitely plan to come back myself!

I felt my foot massage was thorough and therapeutic

For 90 minute foot massages. while the majority of the time is spent on the feet and calves, no part of the body leaves feeling neglected. From the face and scalp massage to the bottoms of my feet and toes, Eric worked his magic. I mentioned my issues with my lower back and sciatica, and he was quick to adjust the reflexology “bed” ensuring I was comfortable. I felt my foot massage was thorough and therapeutic, not just someone rubbing my feet. He then did an amazing job on my lower back and gluts, with a combination of massage and stretching. It is the first time in about a year I have not had back pain. My friend thought that her massage with William was the best she has had.

This morning I woke up like I had a new body

Oh my goodness… I was in so much pain when I came in. I couldn’t turn my head because of all the tension in my neck and shoulders it would hurt to walk because of the knots in my lower back. After my hot stone massage I was still a little sore but felt initially so much better. I know William probably thought he was hurting me but it hurt so good!  This morning I woke up like I had a new body, I have absolutely no pain and feel a million times better.

reconstructing my shoulder. It was incredible.

Amazing. Have had left shoulder pain for years and have used various massage types, airrosti rehab, chiropractic care with varying degrees of success. Terry’s pressure point massage with 10/10 pressure felt like deconstructing and reconstructing my shoulder. It was incredible. Sending my husband for his low back this weekend!

Cloud 9 is amazing

The hours are great, all therapists are fantastic, and the pricing allows me to go more often than other spas.  The facility is super clean and tranquil and I leave feeling completely relaxed and refreshed every time.  Every appointment is very timely and all staff are courteous and professional.  It’s truly one of the best massage spas I’ve found so far and I can’t wait to go back!


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Massage & Community

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